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What is our goal

Our Goal is creating Free Lesbian Community safe for all Adult Lesbian people

Our Lesbian Dating App Date Them Lesbian Dating App is Free for All its the only Dating App that Gives unlimited private messages for FREE

We also give Free lifetime Pro Membership and Free Verified to Verified real people

Some users still can buy the Pro Membership and Verify Badge if they don't to wait their turn

If a user bought the Verify Badge it doesn't mean that he became a verified user because we will verify her profile and if we failed to verify her profi the Verify Badge will ne removed and the fees was to Verify her profile before waiting her turn for the Free Verification Process

Our Lesbian Community Features

1- Free Lesbian Dating App

2- A Premium Lesbian.is Profile for each user for Free. You can share your Lesbian is profile for Lesbian Pride! Example: https://Lesbian.is/YourName

3- Find Nearby Lesbian people for free nearby you.

4- Free Lesbian Chat

5- Free Lesbian Matching and Hookup

6- Create a profile with many Features and Privacy options

7- Create a Free Gallery and upload your pictures and videos

8- You Can Like the other people profiles and you Like their profiles

9- See who visits your Profile for FREE

10- Send and receive Gifts from the other users

11- Add people you like to your Friends List for private chat with them any time.

12- Block users or report their Profile

13- watch your Friends Feed and Public stream

14- Unlimited Private Chat for FREE

15- Spotlight Tab and Page to set youe Profile on the Top

16- Advanced search users option by Age, Location, Interests, etc

17- Instant notfication when someone text you or add you or send gifts to you or Add you

18- If you like someone and she was offline you can text her and she will receive instant notification on her phone

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